Why Lifting And Lovecraft?

It's funny because I got into lifting (or going to the gym as I called it then) and the author Howard Phillips Lovecraft at around the same time.  

I was playing American Football as a skinny 18 year old and needed to put some meat on my frame so going to the gym was a pretty logical step.  And I was a bit of a geek interested in Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons.  Eventually I came across HP Lovecraft's special brand of cosmic horror stories.

Eventually I stopped playing American Football but strength training had gotten into my blood.  Around this time I bought an Omnibus of HP Lovecraft stories which I consumed quickly and then bought the 2nd and 3rd volume as well.

Fast forward to my mid 40's and I'm still lifting and still a geek but I'm no longer putting on the pads and helmet to play American Football, I'm now just a TV fan.

My motivation was to write about two things that have been a consistent passion for almost 30 years, LIFTING and LOVECRAFT.

The plan to read a HP Lovecraft every week and then write my opinions on the story.  I don't claim to be an expert when it comes to writing or reviewing but I'll put down my thoughts and ideas on each story.  As a companion to these ramblings I'll also share my tips on staying fit and healthy especially for those entering that 40+ year age bracket.

I hope to provide value with health and fitness ideas and give you my honest thoughts on the stories of a man who has become a bit of a pop culture icon well after his passing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little blurb and I encourage you to return here as I work my way through the library of HP Lovecraft.