The World's Best Backyard Workout

Let's be honest gyms are not for everyone, when you factor in cost, travel time, being able to use the equipment at peak times, and generally sharing everything with other members, it can be the worst option. 

And don't forget that a gym can be a pretty intimidating place for a new exerciser especially if you're not so fit and maybe feeling a little self conscious only to be reminded constantly by all the mirrors on the walls.

With that in mind I thought I'd talk about how you can use some simple equipment and get the most effective and fun workout all in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard.

To ensure you get the most bang for your buck there are a few important points that need to be taken into account when designing your workout.

Creating The Best Workout For You

  1. Be realistic about your current fitness level.  If you've had a break or are new to exercise then going like a bat out of hell isn't going to do you any good.  Start slowly and build up your fitness progressively.  The aim of any exercise program is not to leave you in pieces on the ground.  It's ok to start easily.
  2. Take into account any injuries or restrictions that are going to impact on your ability to exercise.  Common sense can be a rare commodity in exercise programs.  For example knee injuries may not like jumping or impact work.
  3. The exercise video below showcases some simple exercises that can be done but it's not a random selection thrown together.  They are movements that use many of the major muscle groups of the body that produce the best results.  They are a squat, a push, a pull, a bend, and an exercise involving the whole body at once.  When you include a variety of exercises that use a lot of muscles you're energy output goes up as well.
  4. Pair exercises together to save time.  This is called a superset and it's a great way to get a lot of work done in a short period of time.  No standing around.  For example you could pair a squat with a pulling exercise, you complete the squat then move onto the pull straight after without a rest.

A basic workout could be done like this:

Superset 1: Squat with Kettlebell Bottom Up Grip paired with Resistance Band Pull with Rotational Step. 10 reps of each exercise back to back without a rest. Repeat.

Superset 2: Resistance Band Bend paired with Split Stance Resistance Band Chest Press.  10 reps of each exercise back to back without a rest.  Repeat.

Set 3: Medicine Ball Slam.  10 reps.  Rest as needed.  Repeat.

I made a short video showing you some of the equipment that you can get for less than $60AUD.  I bought the items from Kmart which has a decent range of budget priced home exercise equipment.  I grabbed a 3kg medicine ball, a 4kg Kettlebell, and 3 stretchy resistance bands.

With a little effort you can set yourself up nicely at home and get a great workout.

A small investment in a couple of pieces of equipment gives you plenty of options so you won't get bored and your workouts will remain effective.

The other great advantages of a home backyard workout are that you're outside, getting some vitamin D, some fresh air, and improving the health of your heart, lungs and muscles.