Will Eating Better Help me Lose Weight?

Will Eating Better Help Me Lose Weight?

The unsexy answer to that question is, it depends.

Weight loss is about energy balance.


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Think of it as a set scales, with energy intake on one side and energy output on the other.

You take in more energy than you use and over time your weight increases.

When your input and output are equal your weight is stable.

When your output exceeds input then your body weight decreases over time.

It is possible to eat really well but still exceed your daily energy needs.

But by simply making better food choices it’ll be much easier for you to eat an adequate amount of food that is right for you and create an environment where it is possible to lose weight.

How can eating better help with energy balance?

Less processed food choices maintain a healthy energy balance in some very helpful ways.

  1. Fruit and vegetables are chock full of fibre. This means food is digested more slowly and you’ll feel fuller and naturally reduce the amount of food you eat.

  2. Eating better food is less energy dense. It’s harder for your body to get all the energy from say a carrot as compared to chocolate.

  3. It requires energy to digest food after you eat it. Again better food choices will force your body to use more energy to break it down into usable stuff.

Extra credit

You can influence the energy balance equation by being as active as you can.

Take any opportunity to move.

Set yourself a movement target each day, it could be a length of time or a step count target.

A combination of good food choices and being more active is a great way to improve your health and potentially drop a few pounds.