HELP! I’m Eating Better But I’m Gaining Weight!

HELP! I’m Eating Better But I’m Gaining Weight!

You would assume and quite rightly that by changing your eating habits that you’d start losing weight or not gain any weight. It’s sad to say that this isn’t always the case.

This can cause frustration because you’re doing everything right but it’s not being reflected in your results.


The Power Of Habits

A major challenge that you’ll encounter when eating healthier is addressing eating habits. Changing your food to more healthy options doesn’t mean you can eat it in unlimited amounts just because it’s “healthy”.

Eating better and healthy eating habits are a powerful combination that can help you lose weight and feel healthier but also ensure you can stick with it long-term.

Below are some common reasons that can contribute to weight gain while eating better, and some handy tips to avoid it:

Too Many Calories

Highly processed foods are purpose built to be addictive; they taste good and make you feel great so you can’t stop eating them. They are calorie dense but you have to eat a lot before you feel full.

Healthier food options don’t have the above effect and are easier to eat in more appropriate amounts.

But if you’ve struggled with unhealthy eating habits, like overeating, emotional eating, or eating when you’re bored then choosing to eat healthier can only be half the battle. Continuing to eat the way you did before can lead you to over-consume.

Stress is a trigger for overeating, it makes you crave comfort food to take your mind of what’s bugging you.  Find non-food ways to de-stress, like getting outside, reading a book, having a bath or listening to music.

Balancing Fats, Protein and Carbohydrates

With your new commitment to eating better it opens up a new world of food that is very tasty, like nuts, avocado, and coconut that are high in fat and calories.  Keep in mind that loading up on higher fat healthy foods can make it challenging with weight management.

A more balanced approach that focuses on protein and vegetables some carbohydrates and a small amount of fats will help with appetite control and how much you actually eat.


Hidden Calories In Processed Foods

While prepared and packaged may be labelled as “healthy” or “organic” they aren’t necessarily well balanced.  

Heavily processed foods are calorie dense and easy to overeat regardless of their healthy claims.

Making your own food that contain only the ingredients you put in are a great option.

An emphasis on minimally processed whole foods with a provision for more indulgent foods allows you to still have your treats without feeling deprived while still getting all the dietary benefits you need.

A commitment to eating better will do wonders for your health and help you lose or maintain your weight. Striking a balance between eating healthy food and still having the foods you love consistently is the key to long term success.